HSP-1N Filling Machine

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HSP-1N Rotary Coffee Capsule Filling Sealing Machine

1.        Brief Introduction

HSP Coffee Capsule Filling Sealing Machine with fully automatic and semi-automatic operating system which is the latest version FFS machine for coffee capsule. The high-speed and high-quality meet EURO machine standard and this model of machine can be customizd for coffee filling and sealing. The capsule material (PP/PS/PLA/PES/EVOH/NONWOVEN) is better than previous grade and components are top brands imported from Germany/ Japan.
Technology Highlights:
* Stainless steel frame covers the whole line; Organic glass; Flexible customized mould design; Fixed castor and mobile pulley, HMI (Human Machine Interface) & Touched Screen.
* Photoelectric devices detect capsule storage. If the capsule storage is not full enough, the alarm turns on.
* Sensors detect capsules status. If one mould without capsules in one lane, this mould is not going to fill coffee automatically but the rest lanes with capsules work in normal.
* The filling volume can be adjusted on touch screen. If lacking of coffee in hopper, vacuum feeder automatically opens to feed coffee into the hopper of machine.
* Liquid filling system for filling different flavors into coffee can be optional.
* Automatic cleaning the edge of capsule (vacuum cleaning).
* Automatic vacuum sucking lids.
* Automatic sealing lids. Omron temperature controller adjusts the temperature.
* Automatic sucking finished capsules to the conveyor belt.
Ø  Nitrogen filling is operated during the whole working process.

2.        Main Working Process Show

²  Auto-dropping empty capsule into the machine.

²  Auto-filling the coffee/ powder into the capsule.

²  Auto-sucking the lid.

²  Auto-sealing and then passing the finished capsule into conveyor belt.

Ø  Nitrogen filling is operated during the whole working process.


3.        Technical Parameter:

NO. Model HSP-1N
1 Speed Over 50 pcs/min
2 Working station Rotary type 1 station
3 Filling range 0-20grams
4 Filling accuracy ±1.5%
5 Voltage 280V 60HZ/3KW
6 Air  pressure 
gas consumption
7 Working Temperature 5-35°C
8 Relative humidity ≤85%
9 Machine size 1100mm(length)X1005mm(width)X1980mm(height)
10. weight 600kg
 4.        Optional Machines:

5.        Finished Capsule Products:

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